Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why not read the disk drive?

The author of this two-day drive failure, when the CD into the CD-ROM drive tray is always coming and going after the busy, I went after it by force, not out running, despite the drive light is still blinking but can not properly read the disk. I guess cause trouble for two reasons: first, because they drive the aging, decreased ability to read the disk; or is something wrong with system software, because these days computer viruses and other malicious code has not had time to clear, I think that has to cross the a few days time for handling it, did not expect was a chance to solve this difficult problem.

Two days ago, my PC is not on the LAN together, the instructions of the green card is not on, I would open the case to remove the card to check the results to open the case and found the back of the drive 4-pin power plug is seated loosely scattered scattered behind in the drive. So, I unplug the 4 pin power connector plug tight handle the situation when the network card, boot into the system, then put in discs, just listen to "brush" and read the disk voice, data disc is smoothly identified, no optical drive tray is always coming and going non-stop annoying scene, and drive the problem to be solved in unintentionally.

Summary: The CD-ROM into the computer because I did not tighten the screws after, so pull the whole drive, it may put the back of the 4-pin power plugs get loose, and they have not completely out, the resulting optical light show have electricity, but the drive can not supply shortage caused by normal use, gives rise to the wrong judge. I am so used as "DIY" who must be careful to avoid such problems, so as not to affect normal use.

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