Friday, October 15, 2010

Solaris Cryptographic Framework password system

Solaris OS Cryptographic Framework (SCF) code system to form a seamless and transparent to the user application and kernel module to provide cryptographic services, user applications are seldom noticed and rarely subject to interference, including command, the user programming interface, the kernel programming interface, and its encryption algorithm optimization procedures, including:

AES - Advanced Encryption Standard Advanced Encryption Standard, the U.S. federal government standards, is the designated standard password system, the future users in the government and the banking industry because it Zhihangsuduo 寰堝揩 is very suitable for Yu Xian Dai needs (eg smart cards) and can use a wide range of key sizes.

ARC4 - the public implementation of RC4

Blowfish - Bruce Schneier, published in 1995, the largest 448 variable length keys.

DES - Data Encryption Standard, in 1977 formally adopted by the U.S. government, is the world's most widely used encryption algorithm. In addition to non-government, the banking industry is the largest user of encryption, the main problem is that its key length is very short, the key actually has 64, but the key is 8 bits are parity bits, DES key is actually only 56 in work, and not suited to today's situation, it has AES Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm instead.

3DES - that is Triple DES, only in a particular order of three times using two key implementation of DES, you can use three separate keys.

DH - Diffie-Hellman key agreement, by the founder of public-key cryptosystem proposed by Diffie and Hellman's an idea that allows two users to exchange information in the public media to generate "consistent", and can be shared Key

DSA - Digital Signature Algorithm is a United States Federal Government standard for digital signatures, the so-called digital signatures the sender is using its private key information from the transmission packet data in the extracted (or digital fingerprint) for RSA algorithm operations to ensure that the sender can not deny that once spoke of the information (ie non-repudiation), but also ensure that information packets to be altered by the end of the signature (ie integrity). When the recipient received the information packet, you can use the sender's public key to verify digital signatures.

HMAC - Keyed-hash message authentication code, MAC There are several methods of work. The first is in calculating the summary before the secret key and the data set to the end. If there is no secret key, you can not confirm the data unaltered. Another way to calculate more complex calculation of the hash as usual, and then use symmetric algorithms (eg DES) encryption hash. To authorize the hash, you must first decrypt it. HMAC is a type of MAC calculated using a cryptographic hash function in combination with a secret key.

MAC - Message Authentication Code Message Authentication Code, to use a key to generate a fixed-sized data blocks, and added to the message. The key can be used for authentication of suspicious data, to ensure the transmission of encrypted bit stream from malicious changes.

MD5 - Message-Digest Algorithm was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the digital signature information - digest algorithm, so the Hash Message transformation, the transformation of arbitrary length into a 128-bit Message large integer, and it is an irreversible character string transform algorithm, MD5 typical application is to generate a digital fingerprint Message to prevent tampering, the application of digital signatures. August 17, 2004 American International Cryptology Conference, Shandong University, Professor Wang Xiaoyun cracked MD5 algorithm, and found that you can quickly find MD5 collisions, that the two documents can generate the same fingerprint.

PKCS - Public-Key Cryptography Standards from RSA Data Security Inc. U.S. and its partners developed a set of public key cryptography standards, including certificate application, certificate update, certificate invalid table release, extended the certificate and digital signatures, digital envelopes aspects of the format of a series of related agreements. PKCS PKCS # 1 has been released to the PKCS # 15.

PKCS # 5 - Password-based encryption standard, is derived by means of a security from the password encryption key string. Derived from the password using the MD5 key, and encrypted using DES-CBC mode. Mainly used to encrypt transmitted from one computer to another computer's private key, can not be used to encrypt messages.

PKCS # 11 - the definition of a technology independent programming interface for smart cards and PCMCIA cards like the encryption device.

RSA-3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have developed the most famous public key algorithm, and the first can be used for both encryption and digital signature algorithm, the export is limited. The general thinking behind the RSA will multiply two large prime numbers is very easy, but like the product of decomposition is extremely difficult for them, so you can be the product of the public as the encryption key. In 1999, with the 7 months to complete a particular RSA 512 of the median (known as RSA-155) of the factorization. As a result of large numbers are calculated, making the situation of the fastest RSA slower than DES.

RC4 - RSA's algorithm, applied to e-mail systems such as Lotus Notes and so on.

SHA-1-Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) by the National Institute of Standards and Technology Association (National Institute of Standards and Technology) developed in 1994 released a revised version of the original algorithm, called SHA-1. Compared with the MD5, SHA-1 generates 160-bit message digest, although the slower, some see it more secure. The maximum length of plaintext messages can reach 264.

Shows Solaris in the algorithm:

# Cryptoadm list

user-level providers:

Provider: / usr / lib / security / $ ISA/

Provider: / usr / lib / security / $ ISA/

kernel software providers:










# Cryptoadm list-m

user-level providers:


Provider: / usr / lib / security / $ ISA/

no slots presented.

Provider: / usr / lib / security / $ ISA/





kernel software providers:




arcfour: CKM_RC4

blowfish: CKM_BF_ECB, CKM_BF_CBC




swrand: No mechanisms presented.

# Mac-l

Algorithm Keysize: Min Max (bits)


des_mac 64 64

sha1_hmac 8 512

md5_hmac 8 512

# Encrypt-l

Algorithm Keysize: Min Max (bits)


aes 128 128

arcfour 8 128

des 64 64

3des 192 192

Use colorful, such as the use of DES encryption method, so the file system backup and recovery:

# Ufsdump 0f - / var | encrypt-a des-k / etc / mykeys / backup.k | dd of = / dev/rmt/0

# Decrypt-a des-k / etc / mykeys / backup-i / dev/rmt/0 | ufsrestore vf -


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why not read the disk drive?

The author of this two-day drive failure, when the CD into the CD-ROM drive tray is always coming and going after the busy, I went after it by force, not out running, despite the drive light is still blinking but can not properly read the disk. I guess cause trouble for two reasons: first, because they drive the aging, decreased ability to read the disk; or is something wrong with system software, because these days computer viruses and other malicious code has not had time to clear, I think that has to cross the a few days time for handling it, did not expect was a chance to solve this difficult problem.

Two days ago, my PC is not on the LAN together, the instructions of the green card is not on, I would open the case to remove the card to check the results to open the case and found the back of the drive 4-pin power plug is seated loosely scattered scattered behind in the drive. So, I unplug the 4 pin power connector plug tight handle the situation when the network card, boot into the system, then put in discs, just listen to "brush" and read the disk voice, data disc is smoothly identified, no optical drive tray is always coming and going non-stop annoying scene, and drive the problem to be solved in unintentionally.

Summary: The CD-ROM into the computer because I did not tighten the screws after, so pull the whole drive, it may put the back of the 4-pin power plugs get loose, and they have not completely out, the resulting optical light show have electricity, but the drive can not supply shortage caused by normal use, gives rise to the wrong judge. I am so used as "DIY" who must be careful to avoid such problems, so as not to affect normal use.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010


21st century is the information society. Information dissemination, development and utilization of the main features of the community, and play a leading role in social development. The development of information technology professional education of teachers has brought serious challenges and profound changes.

Teacher professional understood as: Teacher Professionalism is a type of professionalization, which is essentially a personal growth course, is the teachers to accept new knowledge, the process of growing professional competence. Since the 60s of the 20th century, concern about the quality of teachers has reached an unprecedented level. In 1966, UNESCO and ILO, "the proposal on the status of teachers" that read: teaching profession should be viewed as a specialized occupation. Since the 80s of last century, teacher professionalization process has emerged a major turning point, from the pursuit of professional status of teaching profession and the rights to shift the focus of professional development of teachers. In this context, the focus of teacher professional goals began to shift professional development of teachers.

Professional Development of Teachers issues

Our teacher professionalization process has made many achievements, the country's relevant laws and promote teacher professionalism has provided the basic institutional guarantee. Since the 90s of last century, from China began implementing the "Teacher Law," "teacher qualification regulations" to carry out the full implementation of the 2001 National Teacher qualification work, the professional status of teachers into the practical stage. However, detailed analysis together, my teacher professionalization in the following problems:

Professional training of teachers, our country is too low qualifications of teachers. National primary and secondary full-time specialist teachers with bachelor degree or above and who is not especially high, which many teachers are academic, not acquired through formal learning institutions, although many people get a diploma, but the rate is still very worthwhile doubt. Teacher qualifications are too low or too difficult to adapt to the phenomena of excessive modernization of our country, especially to promote quality education, implementation of the new curriculum reform.

The professional ethics of teachers, society's moral expectations of teachers and teachers between their own moral standards, there are still some contradictions. Especially in the current market economy conditions, teachers dedication and initiative awareness, professional dedication, lack of corporal punishment of students frequent phenomenon, teaching teachers how to correctly deal with the correct treatment of such issues to be resolved students, teachers, professional ethics lurking crisis.

Evaluation of the teaching profession, there are outstanding teachers of moral standards over the neglect of teacher professional standards. Support teacher professional sense, has never been a "gardener", "candle", "Farewell" like stress hard work and dedication of the moral code, rather than a real professional standards.

Access in the teaching profession, there are a lot of people think that teaching profession has some alternative, as long as there is a certain subject knowledge can be a teacher. Even now with the concept of professional qualification of teachers, but the main value is the time to teach, in fact, there is no systematic and scientific standards of professionalism.

Teachers receive training from the point of view, our teachers huge and complex situation, many teachers work long front line in education and teaching, the lack of re-learning to improve the opportunity to accept the system. Face up the new educational philosophy, teaching theory and teaching of modern information technology, feel helpless, unable to in-depth learning experience.

In the technical aspects of the teaching profession, there is the pursuit of enhancing teaching skills of teachers, rather than the comprehensive development of outstanding teachers. Teacher development should enhance the whole personality, is humane, personalized, personalization, culture of a process. Person is not a fixed pattern can be constructed in accordance with, and can accurately follow the procedures to work the machine.

Effective way to promote teacher professional

In view of the professional problems of teachers, combined with the international trend of teacher professional development, the environment in the information society, our country from the following aspects should be professional development for teachers.

Teachers should foster the concept of lifelong learning. Both teaching and learning, to change "a bucket of water" for "long water", teachers must be generous "give" while efforts to "draw" change "religion" as a "study" phase change "charge" for the entire learning and lifelong learning . In the present life, because life's fast-paced and high-intensity work has led to our teachers, especially young teachers, disdain, refused, not meditation learn to read. Teachers are not reading, not ground reading, no doubt to the professional development of deadly "staying power", which obviously can not meet the professional development of teachers. Therefore, teachers should seize the opportunity to use all available opportunities to enhance learning in the teaching of theoretical exploration to adhere to the times, breaking the disciplinary boundaries, enhance the educational wisdom, to improve the quality of teachers, promote the improvement of professional skills of teachers.

Theoretical update for Teacher Education. Changes in the status of teachers and students the information age. Information technology changes the distribution of information resources, social patterns, resulting in multi-source information, easy to get sex, optional. This led to education background information from the information asymmetry becomes symmetrical, so changes in the relationship between teaching and learning, lead to the weakening authority of educators, educational model to force democracy, forcing educators to use information more technology, self-reinforcing. In this case, the concept of teacher education should change. The 21st century has entered the information era, is also the century of information explosion. To meet the information requirements of the times, other teachers and students learning to be changing. Students to learn from the passive into active learning, teachers should pay attention to independent learning ability. Only by learning ability, can better adapt to the information age.

Emphasis on the participation of international education resources. In order to better promote the professional growth of teachers, teachers in China during the process of specialization, must pay attention to the role of the power of international education. In recent years, IBM, INTEL, Microsoft, Apple and other multinational companies competing to enter teacher training programs in China, emphasis on the participation of the international education resources of great significance. Specific performance is: the world's advanced educational philosophy and Chinese localization practice, teacher education in China is conducive to the development of information technology and teacher professional growth; new teaching model on the mechanism of teacher education has an important reference, training, promotion role; international teaching resources, including textbooks, courseware and websites, these educational resources, open and conducive to the promotion of our teacher education and development of teaching resources.

Therefore, in order to promote the professional development of Teachers in China, foreign companies should be concerned about the training programs of advanced and creative, absorb its beneficial Xin Xi and Jing Yan, Te Bie yes Fangmian changing concepts in applied technology.

Clearly defined access the teaching profession. In order to achieve specialization, the teaching profession must be clearly defined access conditions. In this regard, teachers can learn from other industry professional specialization example. After finishing university undergraduate students did not become law judges, lawyers, must pass a test to obtain the necessary approval of society; doctors to obtain professional qualifications, must be very time of hospital clinical internship and examinations. Training and employment of teachers is the lack of this process, or very weakened, and this is the current teacher training system should pay attention to. To this end, may provide access to the teaching profession, must be provided for the necessary state exams, pass the exam, obtain qualifications for teachers, the teaching profession after a certain period of practice, party can become an official teacher. To this end, we must change the original academic credentials education educational concept, only to obtain Teacher Certification professionals can work in Education and Teaching.

Treatment to improve the teaching profession. Treatment to improve the level of teachers is to promote professionalization of teachers an effective means. The one hand it will improve the overall enthusiasm of teachers, on the other hand will form a kind of social competitiveness, promote talents in other occupations were transferred to the teaching profession. Improve the treatment of the teaching profession can promote healthy and smooth development of teachers and professional and truly professional teachers to make the teaching profession as a noble profession attractive.

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Hope PS3 Mobile Converter

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Pop VOB Converter Platinum Free Download

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Ultra Video Splitter

Ultra Video Splitter is a professional video file splitting tool which split, cut or trim a large video file into smaller clips, it supports so many video formats including AVI, Divx, XviD, MPEG, WMV, ASF, RM, MOV, 3GP, MP4, FLV formats.

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Ultra Video Splitter provides different splitting mode to make splitting easy.You can extract multiple segments of any size by using the visual editing mode, or split the selection into multiple pieces of equal size automatically.

It already includes all video encoders and decoders , you don't need to download any other codecs to make it work.

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Youtube FLV to BDMV Suite

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