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21st century is the information society. Information dissemination, development and utilization of the main features of the community, and play a leading role in social development. The development of information technology professional education of teachers has brought serious challenges and profound changes.

Teacher professional understood as: Teacher Professionalism is a type of professionalization, which is essentially a personal growth course, is the teachers to accept new knowledge, the process of growing professional competence. Since the 60s of the 20th century, concern about the quality of teachers has reached an unprecedented level. In 1966, UNESCO and ILO, "the proposal on the status of teachers" that read: teaching profession should be viewed as a specialized occupation. Since the 80s of last century, teacher professionalization process has emerged a major turning point, from the pursuit of professional status of teaching profession and the rights to shift the focus of professional development of teachers. In this context, the focus of teacher professional goals began to shift professional development of teachers.

Professional Development of Teachers issues

Our teacher professionalization process has made many achievements, the country's relevant laws and promote teacher professionalism has provided the basic institutional guarantee. Since the 90s of last century, from China began implementing the "Teacher Law," "teacher qualification regulations" to carry out the full implementation of the 2001 National Teacher qualification work, the professional status of teachers into the practical stage. However, detailed analysis together, my teacher professionalization in the following problems:

Professional training of teachers, our country is too low qualifications of teachers. National primary and secondary full-time specialist teachers with bachelor degree or above and who is not especially high, which many teachers are academic, not acquired through formal learning institutions, although many people get a diploma, but the rate is still very worthwhile doubt. Teacher qualifications are too low or too difficult to adapt to the phenomena of excessive modernization of our country, especially to promote quality education, implementation of the new curriculum reform.

The professional ethics of teachers, society's moral expectations of teachers and teachers between their own moral standards, there are still some contradictions. Especially in the current market economy conditions, teachers dedication and initiative awareness, professional dedication, lack of corporal punishment of students frequent phenomenon, teaching teachers how to correctly deal with the correct treatment of such issues to be resolved students, teachers, professional ethics lurking crisis.

Evaluation of the teaching profession, there are outstanding teachers of moral standards over the neglect of teacher professional standards. Support teacher professional sense, has never been a "gardener", "candle", "Farewell" like stress hard work and dedication of the moral code, rather than a real professional standards.

Access in the teaching profession, there are a lot of people think that teaching profession has some alternative, as long as there is a certain subject knowledge can be a teacher. Even now with the concept of professional qualification of teachers, but the main value is the time to teach, in fact, there is no systematic and scientific standards of professionalism.

Teachers receive training from the point of view, our teachers huge and complex situation, many teachers work long front line in education and teaching, the lack of re-learning to improve the opportunity to accept the system. Face up the new educational philosophy, teaching theory and teaching of modern information technology, feel helpless, unable to in-depth learning experience.

In the technical aspects of the teaching profession, there is the pursuit of enhancing teaching skills of teachers, rather than the comprehensive development of outstanding teachers. Teacher development should enhance the whole personality, is humane, personalized, personalization, culture of a process. Person is not a fixed pattern can be constructed in accordance with, and can accurately follow the procedures to work the machine.

Effective way to promote teacher professional

In view of the professional problems of teachers, combined with the international trend of teacher professional development, the environment in the information society, our country from the following aspects should be professional development for teachers.

Teachers should foster the concept of lifelong learning. Both teaching and learning, to change "a bucket of water" for "long water", teachers must be generous "give" while efforts to "draw" change "religion" as a "study" phase change "charge" for the entire learning and lifelong learning . In the present life, because life's fast-paced and high-intensity work has led to our teachers, especially young teachers, disdain, refused, not meditation learn to read. Teachers are not reading, not ground reading, no doubt to the professional development of deadly "staying power", which obviously can not meet the professional development of teachers. Therefore, teachers should seize the opportunity to use all available opportunities to enhance learning in the teaching of theoretical exploration to adhere to the times, breaking the disciplinary boundaries, enhance the educational wisdom, to improve the quality of teachers, promote the improvement of professional skills of teachers.

Theoretical update for Teacher Education. Changes in the status of teachers and students the information age. Information technology changes the distribution of information resources, social patterns, resulting in multi-source information, easy to get sex, optional. This led to education background information from the information asymmetry becomes symmetrical, so changes in the relationship between teaching and learning, lead to the weakening authority of educators, educational model to force democracy, forcing educators to use information more technology, self-reinforcing. In this case, the concept of teacher education should change. The 21st century has entered the information era, is also the century of information explosion. To meet the information requirements of the times, other teachers and students learning to be changing. Students to learn from the passive into active learning, teachers should pay attention to independent learning ability. Only by learning ability, can better adapt to the information age.

Emphasis on the participation of international education resources. In order to better promote the professional growth of teachers, teachers in China during the process of specialization, must pay attention to the role of the power of international education. In recent years, IBM, INTEL, Microsoft, Apple and other multinational companies competing to enter teacher training programs in China, emphasis on the participation of the international education resources of great significance. Specific performance is: the world's advanced educational philosophy and Chinese localization practice, teacher education in China is conducive to the development of information technology and teacher professional growth; new teaching model on the mechanism of teacher education has an important reference, training, promotion role; international teaching resources, including textbooks, courseware and websites, these educational resources, open and conducive to the promotion of our teacher education and development of teaching resources.

Therefore, in order to promote the professional development of Teachers in China, foreign companies should be concerned about the training programs of advanced and creative, absorb its beneficial Xin Xi and Jing Yan, Te Bie yes Fangmian changing concepts in applied technology.

Clearly defined access the teaching profession. In order to achieve specialization, the teaching profession must be clearly defined access conditions. In this regard, teachers can learn from other industry professional specialization example. After finishing university undergraduate students did not become law judges, lawyers, must pass a test to obtain the necessary approval of society; doctors to obtain professional qualifications, must be very time of hospital clinical internship and examinations. Training and employment of teachers is the lack of this process, or very weakened, and this is the current teacher training system should pay attention to. To this end, may provide access to the teaching profession, must be provided for the necessary state exams, pass the exam, obtain qualifications for teachers, the teaching profession after a certain period of practice, party can become an official teacher. To this end, we must change the original academic credentials education educational concept, only to obtain Teacher Certification professionals can work in Education and Teaching.

Treatment to improve the teaching profession. Treatment to improve the level of teachers is to promote professionalization of teachers an effective means. The one hand it will improve the overall enthusiasm of teachers, on the other hand will form a kind of social competitiveness, promote talents in other occupations were transferred to the teaching profession. Improve the treatment of the teaching profession can promote healthy and smooth development of teachers and professional and truly professional teachers to make the teaching profession as a noble profession attractive.

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